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Here, the ultimate goal is your health. In today’s fast-paced world, we often neglect our health. Well, it’s time to reclaim it!

Here, you’ll find lots of content geared towards helping you uncover the healthiest you possible – tips on everything from physical, mental to spiritual health.

I also invite you to follow along as I document my own personal health journey – the good, the bad, the ugly. Hopefully, you’ll gain some insight from my personal struggles and triumphs. Plus, you’ll likely get a few laughs along the way.

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Last Stop… Healthy Me! was born of my frustration with the current state of my life and health.

When I was younger, I remember, in my naivete, vowing not to ever let my health fall by the wayside. Well, guess what? Life happens. Oh, the ignorance of youth…

Well, here I am, a woman over 40 and tasked with all the responsibilities of adulthood – bills, aging parents, a kid, and more bills. I promise you that my life looks nothing like I envisioned in the stupidity of my twenties, but I’m beyond grateful and abundantly blessed!

Hopefully, you’ll get a kick out of my personal health journey and maybe even learn something along the way.

BUT most importantly, I want to challenge YOU to get started on your own journey to health. That’s the REAL reason this site exists.

Come on… join me! Let’s get healthy together. I dare you!





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