The Fitbit Experiment… Two Years Later

I LOVE my Fitbit One…

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Well, it’s been approximately two years to the day since I got my Fitbit One, and I figured that’s been plenty of time for research on how it has impacted my exercise life. So today I’m posting one of those, “Where are they now?” type posts, but more like “Where is your Fitbit One now?”

So today I’m posting one of those, “Where are they now?” type posts, but it’s really more like “Where is your Fitbit One now?”

So yes, we’re still together in case you’re wondering. We’ve had our ups and downs, just like any relationship. We’ve argued, broken up, and not spoken to each other at times, but guess what? We’re still together. We’re hanging in there like any couple committed to each other.

These days, I’ve been totally lazy getting back into the swing of things. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Fitbit, but sometimes it’s such a nag, always reminding me that I’ve not reached my step goal for the day. I’m committed to this relationship, though.

The Fitbit Experiment... Two Years Later

So in an effort to put the spark back in our relationship, we’ve been dating each other again – going on long walks together with me being encouraged when needed. Okay, I’ll admit it, my cousins have Fitbits too and we’re all competitive as hell. My 70-year-old aunt even gets in on the competition. Don’t laugh, she left us in the dust one week.

Anyway, here I am, two years later still hanging in there with my Fitbit. Honestly, it had been a great motivator in keeping me committed to getting up and moving.

Every day Most days, I walk after I drop my son off at school. Surprisingly, this daily walk helps keep me from strangling people who get on my nerves calm and relaxed.

I can definitely tell the difference when I don’t get my steps in. And with everything I’m dealing with right now, relaxing is important. However, I’ve come to realize that most things are not even worth getting upset over. My Fitbit One and those daily walks have given me the opportunity to reflect on what’s really important.

So yeah, two years in, I’m still hanging in there with the Fitbit. And I’ll tell you what has made the difference.

I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete my daily goal.
The friends I’ve made in the Fitbit community have been very encouraging. It helps that quite a few of my family members have Fitbit also.
Those daily walks keep me centered and give time to think and reflect.

So I’ll definitely continue logging those miles daily most days.

Now that I’ve got that covered, I can focus on my nutrition. And I’ve got a bit of bad news for my pal refined sugar – it’s time we break up for good.

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