Journey to a Healthier Me – My Progress

I’m committed and in this for the long haul…

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written a post here. Don’t judge me. I’ve been busy. But don’t worry, I’m still committed to being as healthy as possible.

The thing I find I am having the most trouble with lately is finding the time to focus more on self. Between juggling my elderly parents’ needs and the needs of an attention seeking four-year-old, it’s definitely a challenge.

I have a hard time putting my needs before others’ needs. I always have. I know that’s not exactly healthy, but I think a lot of women struggle with that. I am getting better at saying ‘no’ though.

I focus on the important things that MUST be done – doctor’s appointments, caring for a child, work, balancing the finances, etc. The rest can wait because I need time to focus on self even if it’s only for an hour or so each day.

Lately, I’ve been made a concerted effort to eat healthy on a consistent basis. I’m getting there. I am trying to kick the caffeine habit. The problem is that I love a hot drink (coffee) when it’s cold and sweet tea when it’s the humidity and heat kicks in here in the south.

The good thing is that outside of that, all I like to drink is water. There’s nothing that quenches the thirst like a cold glass of ice water. I am consciously making better beverage choices these days – less coffee and less sweet tea.

So What Else Is Going On?

I have decided that I will walk at least two miles a day. I love walking – I enjoy the solitude. It relaxes me. That’s good thing is that my blood pressure is benefiting. I usually use my mobile phone to track my steps but decided that I need something a bit more dedicated to fitness. I am leaning towards the Fitbit One after checking a number of reviews.

Since I LOVE listening to music when I walk, I have added TONS of albums to the music library on my phone. I have quite a diverse range of music stored on my SD card right now. Depending on my mood, you’ll find me listening to anything from Christian rap to inspirational to R&B to country.

I have also been relaxing more and not taking everything so seriously. Life is fleeting and years fly by when you’re over thirty. I learned that lesson well over the past year. So, squeezing in some daily ‘me time’ is a TOP priority this year. Finding daily meditation time is next on my list.

My Plans for the Future

Whew! That was a lot, I know. But I just wanted to catch everyone up on what has been going on with my personal health journey. Within the next few days, I’ll be posting about fun ways to exercise at home without wasting money on a gym or expensive equipment.

PLUS, I’ll update you on my Fitbit One decision. Though I do have some equipment and a gym membership (it’s only $10 a month), I LOVE being outside when the weather is nice.

I would LOVE to hear how your own health journey is going. So please feel free to share in the comments below. Until next time, stay BLESSED!

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