Whoo hoo! Finally got my Fitbit One…

I’m loving my Fitbit!

Well, I finally sucked it up and got my Fitbit One last Saturday. And I’m loving it! Since purchasing it from Target (I have a Red Card so it was 5% off automatically), I have walked/run over 26 miles in the past six days. I have been having a BLAST with the Fitbit community. I joined groups and added friends to help keep me motivated. Hey, I paid good money for that little thing – got to get my money’s worth.

I also picked a nifty little wristband to make wearing it simple – it’s kind of like wearing a watch. Otherwise, I think I’d probably misplace it or lose it somewhere. You can probably tell from my enthusiasm that I REALLY like it.

So How Is the Fitbit One Working Out?

Since I got my Fitbit, I have consistently logged over 10,000 steps a day. It definitely helps that you can set up challenges within the Fitbit community. I am VERY competitive so this has been a HUGE help in motivating me.

Now, morning is my time for relaxation. I like a bit of quiet time after I drop the kid off at daycare. I use the time for exercising and meditation. I am just getting into meditation, so I have quite a bit to learn there. My new fitness tracker has been helping “keeping me honest” with regards to exercise. It’s that little bit of my conscience that just won’t allow me to cheat.

I have also joined the MyFitnessPal community. They have some GREAT tools there and a wonderful community.

PLUS, I was able to link my Fitbit app to the MyFitnesPal app. Whatever I enter on MyFitnessPal’s dashboard is automatically synced with my Fitbit. So, I can keep track of ALL my data in the one dashboard – it makes life simpler.

I have made a commitment to my health and I’m already reaping the benefits. I’m noticing that I have more energy and I’m not as tired. And with the exercise, I have been eating healthier as well – don’t want to ruin all those benefits. I don’t deprive myself, but I definitely consciously think about what I eat more.

So, what has been helpful for you on your journey to health? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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